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Reporting in 200810

Hehehehe.  I am terribly sorry to myself that hasn’t been able to maintain this “little things” i have.  Not because i became ignorance, however it seems that i became more and more…. euh…. how should i say this in a good way?  need to learn more about my new responsibility.

Well, thats until i found that the essence of life is about learning, learning and learning.  To improve yourself day to day basis to be a better person.  Am i a better person yet?  well, is some i am but i don’t believe i am in the whole.  There would be something of me that could not satisfy every people, not even me.   I too have something to say about myself.  hehehehe.  Myself is not enough for myself.  In this point, i hope none would confuse.  Or did i wrote this to make people confuse?  To let them not knowing: “what the hell did a spoke about?” hehehe.  everything is possible.

Let see what i could possibly have to fill in this “little things”.



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