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Piece of Advise

Advise. Its no mere word. Its a piece of support and motivation for one that need some. To move forward. To get on their feet again. And look forward and move on with a new vision and spirit.

Its not only a mere word. Its actually a lend word to those in need. And should the person feel in need, the advise should return to him.

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Bandung [1-8 May 2008]

I always found Bandung as interesting city. I was born in Bandung but never know her very well. After 1 year i was born, my family moved to Jakarta. And I stayed in Jakarta until i was 14. And i realize that i’ve spent so little time to know Bandung more.

The roads, the people, the market, the building, the park, the cafe, the nature. All!!!

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Armi’s Wedding 27[04]2008

Selly Armi Perangin-angin was merried Samsir Afiat Hutasoit at 27 April 2008.  Armi was my friend during High School and later on she also enrolled at Bogor Agricultural University. I was with Forestry Faculty and she was at Agricultural Faculty. And we sometime met in the train. I was commute and going trough 2 hours trip to Bogor and return home in approximately the same time cost. She was smarter than me, she join dormitory.

Here area some pictures of Armi and later on i will explain how the wedding in progress. The wedding itself is based on islamic law.

In this picture, there is “penghulu” who guide the wedding, the groom, the bride’s guardian (parent or other close relative, and “mahar” or the brideprice. This for is the minimum requirement for a couple to be merried under Islam

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Dull Weekend


Confirmation and re-confirmation has yet again proven to be the most essential elements of plan. Here I am spending my weekend at home. It was irritating indeed, since I actually canceled two prospective events only to attend an event that was actually only happen next week *WHAT!!!*. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heart Talk

trigun maximum

Problem with life is sometime too hard to be one self burden.

Share. That’s the key word. Sharing with other people could help you to released some of its weight. No one can help you with that burden since it is yours alone. But share could certainly help a little. Read the rest of this entry »

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The idea of discussion for me is to enrich each party’s knowledge and experience. Through discussion, there will be transfer of knowledge and experience. Comments over a topic can put different perspective.

The best discussion so far, for me is discussion with Rizal during our stay over the night in the hospital. His wife was got food poison. But everything was ended happily. His wife got better after the night. Read the rest of this entry »

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