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Again, about gasoline price hike

By the time i wrote this entry, global oil price has hiked into USD140.  The impact to people in Indonesia is reflected by the government decision to raise oil price on 30 April 2008.  Not a popular policy, for certain.

We are living on oil and gas.  Yes.  Thats true.  Our daily basis is running on oil.  Every sector and segment of people live has been very depended on oil.  Thus, oil has became crucial commodity, if not to say “live or die” commodity.  No wonder if certain country invade other country for oil (thats by hiding behind a false reasoning).

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Oil Price — update

just heard some prediction that the price could reach USD 200. O my god. whats with global economy? 😦



Oil Price


Photo taken from Reuters click photo to go to original site

Apparently oil price has gone price again. This morning i filled my motorcycle and found that the pertamax (98 octan gasoline of Pertamina) has rise from IDR7800 into IDR8500 (please find currency rate here).

The price is still below USD1 per liter. But for people who once live with oil price of IDF2500 (at the new regime era) the price looks ridiculous. Read the rest of this entry »

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