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First post in July 2008

Hello there again world!

Here i am again.  Putting something to this gigantically hectic cyber world.  Wondering how long this writing be recorded in cyber world.  Paper could survive up to hundreds of years.  Writing in paper could survive thousands of years.  How long could virtual writing could survive?  A seconds perhaps?  But how bout the server?  Could there be still cunks of everybodys writing there?  Even tough it is deleted.

For those times when i couldn’t write in this particular blog, many surely had happened.

I found spiritual lack of me that needed to be fixed.  Well, if it is a software, it should called major fixed of alpha version.  Yup.  It is still alpha and it evolving.  Hope it was for better 🙂

Actually it was some kind of reminder on what to fix.  Only in other way of it.  Just cool.

And you know what, it was affirmative again that speaking of your problem could help.  And you just need to find the right person to push that button to improve and move forward.  Can’t wait to write more on what i found in the next posts.



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