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Google Reader

Google Reader is to some extend, is my smart secretary. She brought me news and information from website that i determined her to watch.

If information is really something your life depend on, you got to use this tools!

Google reader could be said as sneak preview provider of the latest information on certain website. If you usually open several websites everyday to fast reading looking for information that might important to your interest. Well, let me ask you this question, is that method satisfy you? Is the information you got worth enough with the site-browsing time you spent? What if i told you that for only fast reading you could just open ONE WEBSITE? FOR FREE!!! and that is Google Reader.

It is easy. Go to Define the websites you need the update (or blogs!!!). Put them in categories, and voila! She workfor you to present to you the latest news of the website you define!!! GREAT INVENTION! BRAVO GOOGLE TEAM!!!


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