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Armi’s Wedding 27[04]2008

Selly Armi Perangin-angin was merried Samsir Afiat Hutasoit at 27 April 2008.  Armi was my friend during High School and later on she also enrolled at Bogor Agricultural University. I was with Forestry Faculty and she was at Agricultural Faculty. And we sometime met in the train. I was commute and going trough 2 hours trip to Bogor and return home in approximately the same time cost. She was smarter than me, she join dormitory.

Here area some pictures of Armi and later on i will explain how the wedding in progress. The wedding itself is based on islamic law.

In this picture, there is “penghulu” who guide the wedding, the groom, the bride’s guardian (parent or other close relative, and “mahar” or the brideprice. This for is the minimum requirement for a couple to be merried under Islam

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My Mother Birthday: 29 March 2008

My mother is a tough woman.  She love plant, cooking, and tidy up our home.  Her hobby with plant has made our home green and nicer.  I love what she made up to our home.  I can’t imagine what happened if she was not around.

She is having her birthday this 29 March.   I’ve kissed her on her cheek and saying: Happy Birthday Mom.  And she cried with happiness.

Love you mom.


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