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Keep moving forward

Well, well.  Here i am again with my evil.

I have finished my term from one, yet i could say i am not satisfied.  And here i am after some storm almost get on my foot to met another evil.  This evil comes from my identification on the last term.

Hmm…. I said.  There are lots to be fixed.  I must dare to say that i have almost conquer one evil and more are coming.

One of my best friend would be gone to Europe for two  years.  And this has gave me another sensation of “when things must go on, you couldn’t just stay still.” 😛

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Bandung [1-8 May 2008]

I always found Bandung as interesting city. I was born in Bandung but never know her very well. After 1 year i was born, my family moved to Jakarta. And I stayed in Jakarta until i was 14. And i realize that i’ve spent so little time to know Bandung more.

The roads, the people, the market, the building, the park, the cafe, the nature. All!!!

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end of April 2008 Rendezvouz

As I already mentioned in the previous post, I Love April.

It was truly a great month. And truly a nice end when to have it with friends. I spend the night of last day of April by going on the movie for IronMan. It was the first day the IronMan movie played in Indonesia’s theater.

From left to right: Oki, Leli, Tika, Hafiz, Nara, Awi, Yuni, and Me. We go for the 19.00 session. Having trouble with hard rain, problem with the car (the window just won’t closed), and the heavy traffic. We finally managed to came to Setiabudi 21 cineplex.

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War Game: The AirSoftGun Game March 2008

Having a long weekend for Easter, me and work mate has come to an agreement to have time to hangout together. We went for AirSoftGun Game. The location: Studio Alam TVRI. Well, it just about one kilometer from my home, so it is obligation for me to join. 😀


There was about fifteen of us. After 1 hour delayed since our friend that have all the equipments should back home since he missed one battery for the gun-model. The game started by wearing all equipments = helmet, Google, body protector, and of course the gun-model. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dull Weekend


Confirmation and re-confirmation has yet again proven to be the most essential elements of plan. Here I am spending my weekend at home. It was irritating indeed, since I actually canceled two prospective events only to attend an event that was actually only happen next week *WHAT!!!*. Read the rest of this entry »

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Saturday Rendezvouz — [03]2008

It has been along long time ago since i mingle out with friends. For the sake of having fun, in a matter of speak.

The plan was to buy something good for late-birthday gift for a friend, female friend. But it turn out the other way. She can’t go with Me and Langlang that made us changed the plan. We still go but asked someone else that we knew needing a pump of spirit, Resmol. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heart Talk

trigun maximum

Problem with life is sometime too hard to be one self burden.

Share. That’s the key word. Sharing with other people could help you to released some of its weight. No one can help you with that burden since it is yours alone. But share could certainly help a little. Read the rest of this entry »

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The idea of discussion for me is to enrich each party’s knowledge and experience. Through discussion, there will be transfer of knowledge and experience. Comments over a topic can put different perspective.

The best discussion so far, for me is discussion with Rizal during our stay over the night in the hospital. His wife was got food poison. But everything was ended happily. His wife got better after the night. Read the rest of this entry »

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