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Bandung [1-8 May 2008]

I always found Bandung as interesting city. I was born in Bandung but never know her very well. After 1 year i was born, my family moved to Jakarta. And I stayed in Jakarta until i was 14. And i realize that i’ve spent so little time to know Bandung more.

The roads, the people, the market, the building, the park, the cafe, the nature. All!!!

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My Mother Birthday: 29 March 2008

My mother is a tough woman.  She love plant, cooking, and tidy up our home.  Her hobby with plant has made our home green and nicer.  I love what she made up to our home.  I can’t imagine what happened if she was not around.

She is having her birthday this 29 March.   I’ve kissed her on her cheek and saying: Happy Birthday Mom.  And she cried with happiness.

Love you mom.


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In my quest of finding nice picture to be put on my greenstuff page, I came with this nice picture of Monika from Flickr.


Browing her flickr page amazed me very much. Such pronounce emotion interpreted in color and sharpness really amazing. Her idea of concept and angle is truly outstanding. I especially love her photo of a girl covered in rice. Please take a look.

That remind me of the recent case of acute diarrhea happened to a pregnant woman in Sulawesi. After weeks of lack of food, Basse (35) with 7 months pregnancy and her third child Bahir (5) dead because of hunger that lead to acute diarrhea. “Mati di lumbung pangan” or “Died in food storage” is Indonesian proverb to called such ironi. Read the rest of this entry »

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