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Something Cool: Ubuntu

I can say i am not really into linux for good reason. I have no enough patient to learn again the “text command”. I have been “display oriented” guy, where working with programming is such luxurious thing due to quite life i run in.

And the second reason is, even tough Linux is the most stable system i’ve tried, but the display is still “not good enough”. Not as interesting as Windows or MacOs.

Well, thats before i found Ubuntu. From its official website, it promising free operating system with SUPER COOL display. And the best thing using linux is, hardly no virus. Even tough more and more unbelievably-unreasonable bunch of people creating virus for this liberation software. Linux is free and targeting to put windows down to the grave that Most people in the world will be freed from its tyrant. So, why people attacking linux? For good reason for their own, surely.

But anyway, despite of those cool stuffs (so far) i found. I am having difficulty to connect to internet with ubuntu. Looking for the answer still now.



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