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In every situation, i would like to say, honesty would be the best diplomacy.

Here i am, often caught in a problem where seems that the solution is none but honesty. Straight up ahead, face the person itself, tell the story, get yelled, and apologize. When this happen, there was no need to tell the whole story. Just apologize for the mess. No story, no excuse, no defense.

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About Advertisement

Plasma HDTV ….$999,99, Wii Consol …$249,99, WiiMote …$99,99
Watching your friend throw his WiiMote to his Plasma TV at mph 100 …Priceless

by Bayou

Got that quote from a friend of mine.  Pretty interesting to see how advertisement used to drive us into desired attitude by industries.  Buy, buy, buy, buy.  If not, you are not modern or sophisticated enough.

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Keep moving forward

Well, well.  Here i am again with my evil.

I have finished my term from one, yet i could say i am not satisfied.  And here i am after some storm almost get on my foot to met another evil.  This evil comes from my identification on the last term.

Hmm…. I said.  There are lots to be fixed.  I must dare to say that i have almost conquer one evil and more are coming.

One of my best friend would be gone to Europe for two  years.  And this has gave me another sensation of “when things must go on, you couldn’t just stay still.” 😛

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Social Working Group “Melati”

The Social Working Group “Melati” is a group of volunteers that focus on children.  They started as a mobile library that brought boxes of books from one kampong to others to let children have opportunity to read.  Yea.  Reading is such luxury for most people in Indonesia (can anyone provide statistic here?).  The high priced of books was one of the reason that supported by lack of buying ability from community.

Starting from that point, Melati has mission to reduce the gaps and give those children that opportunity.  After times, their work was then improved by providing a book corner for street and poor children in the southern part of Jakarta.  In this corner, volunteers were gather to provide children education and also give them opportunity to dream.  Yea.  If one should be a great man, the one should have dream for dreams gave people objective and urge to pursue.

In this what so called basecamp, they open the house each saturday and sunday and let children come: to read, to draw, to sing, to learn english and one in a time take children out to interesting places to let them see the different insight and stimulate them to thing, to dream and to wonder.

In this event, that called outing, volunteers were working tremendous effort to fundraising by selling self made items such as pins, t-shirt, sticker, mugs, decorative pencil, chocolate, and more.  With their “independent” philosophy, the out for providing the fund by themself and some small amount were expected from companies.

I just joined them for a couple of weeks and i can see how hard were they working.  In every opportunity, children were invited to events hold by many stakeholders.  For example that i found very interesting is the yesterday’s “Children Reading Centers Olympic” which in Bahasa is “Olimpiade Taman Bacaan Anak-anak = OTBA”

Unfortunate to say that i was unable to see by myself what is this OTBA due to i went for a survey for the outcoming Outing.  But from several times explanation from different people, this OTBA seems to be a packets of competition for children from many reading centers.  The Melati Reading Center have wont the first and second prize for painting.  Well done children.

So, for the next outing, the Melati has decided to brought the theme “Kembali Kampoeng” or back to the village.  The purpose is to take children see the life in villages that different than the environment the life in.  We are hoping that they could appreciate more on environment and hopefully they would be some adoption of the way of life in the village they visit.

So, if you happen to met with volunteers from Melati and offer you some merchandise, do not hesitate to take 5 or 7 items and donate some money for the children.  😀


for more information, please connect to:


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Bandung [1-8 May 2008]

I always found Bandung as interesting city. I was born in Bandung but never know her very well. After 1 year i was born, my family moved to Jakarta. And I stayed in Jakarta until i was 14. And i realize that i’ve spent so little time to know Bandung more.

The roads, the people, the market, the building, the park, the cafe, the nature. All!!!

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Armi’s Wedding 27[04]2008

Selly Armi Perangin-angin was merried Samsir Afiat Hutasoit at 27 April 2008.  Armi was my friend during High School and later on she also enrolled at Bogor Agricultural University. I was with Forestry Faculty and she was at Agricultural Faculty. And we sometime met in the train. I was commute and going trough 2 hours trip to Bogor and return home in approximately the same time cost. She was smarter than me, she join dormitory.

Here area some pictures of Armi and later on i will explain how the wedding in progress. The wedding itself is based on islamic law.

In this picture, there is “penghulu” who guide the wedding, the groom, the bride’s guardian (parent or other close relative, and “mahar” or the brideprice. This for is the minimum requirement for a couple to be merried under Islam

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My Old Elementary School

I was having my elementary school at SDN Cilandak Timur 04 Petang.

SDN = state managed elementary school

Cilandak Timur = the name of the sub district where the school located

04 = the number of the school. i don’t now whether the number is for the sub district, district or the province. I just don’t get it

Petang = means afternoon. the school building has actually two schools. the 03 and 04. the 03 runs in the morning and the 04 in the afternoon

This is the school’s gate. It has been years since i visit the school. I thing it has been 12 years since i last visit it. It sure has changed A LOT!!! The gate was once so simple with only wooden gate. It is now nice iron and concrete.

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First Time with Economic Train with AC

It was started with a chat with Mbak Ari. She told me that she is now going to office and return home by using Economic Train with Air Conditioner. What is this train actually?

Well, Economic train in Jabodetabek (read: Jakarta and vicinity) are a nightmare for commuter. It is true. People who reside at Jakarta vicinity and work in Jakarta is around 3-4 millions people. And the Jakarta resident itself is around 8-9 millions. so, it was a crazy morning when those millions coming to Jakarta for work.

The most visible is the traffic. It took about 1 -1.45 hours to go 40 km. The traffic jam has caused average speed in town restricted to only around 12 km/hour. It’s no wonder with limited road, the vehicle growth around 600 vehicles every week. Crazy statistic, i must say. It is predicted that if the road construction cannot meet with vehicle growth, by 2015, Jakarta will be stuck. People cant move at all!!!

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Slank vs Parliament

Its not the first time for Indonesia artist to have quarrel with parliament. As i could remember, Iwan Fals, one of Indonesian respected artist and once he was “Asia’s heroes” (Times Version), also get dispute with parliament for his songs.

This time, it was slank’s turn. The group has strong hardcore fans, results of their years commitment in music, good music and strong lyrics. Please take a look at the lyric that pissed of the parliament. I took the lyric from blognya kage Read the rest of this entry »


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In my quest of finding nice picture to be put on my greenstuff page, I came with this nice picture of Monika from Flickr.


Browing her flickr page amazed me very much. Such pronounce emotion interpreted in color and sharpness really amazing. Her idea of concept and angle is truly outstanding. I especially love her photo of a girl covered in rice. Please take a look.

That remind me of the recent case of acute diarrhea happened to a pregnant woman in Sulawesi. After weeks of lack of food, Basse (35) with 7 months pregnancy and her third child Bahir (5) dead because of hunger that lead to acute diarrhea. “Mati di lumbung pangan” or “Died in food storage” is Indonesian proverb to called such ironi. Read the rest of this entry »

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