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I Vote for Earth


Proudly i am saying that I vote Earth during Earth Hour 2009.

Despite of my (and my family) custom to stay at home watch television, DVD, or play computer game with light turn on. I proudly saying to you guys that i shut off all those things and I VOTE EARTH together with unnecessary electronics and go with a restaurant with family, leaving only outer light on.

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My Mother Birthday: 29 March 2008

My mother is a tough woman.  She love plant, cooking, and tidy up our home.  Her hobby with plant has made our home green and nicer.  I love what she made up to our home.  I can’t imagine what happened if she was not around.

She is having her birthday this 29 March.   I’ve kissed her on her cheek and saying: Happy Birthday Mom.  And she cried with happiness.

Love you mom.


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