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I Vote for Earth


Proudly i am saying that I vote Earth during Earth Hour 2009.

Despite of my (and my family) custom to stay at home watch television, DVD, or play computer game with light turn on. I proudly saying to you guys that i shut off all those things and I VOTE EARTH together with unnecessary electronics and go with a restaurant with family, leaving only outer light on.

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First Time with Economic Train with AC

It was started with a chat with Mbak Ari. She told me that she is now going to office and return home by using Economic Train with Air Conditioner. What is this train actually?

Well, Economic train in Jabodetabek (read: Jakarta and vicinity) are a nightmare for commuter. It is true. People who reside at Jakarta vicinity and work in Jakarta is around 3-4 millions people. And the Jakarta resident itself is around 8-9 millions. so, it was a crazy morning when those millions coming to Jakarta for work.

The most visible is the traffic. It took about 1 -1.45 hours to go 40 km. The traffic jam has caused average speed in town restricted to only around 12 km/hour. It’s no wonder with limited road, the vehicle growth around 600 vehicles every week. Crazy statistic, i must say. It is predicted that if the road construction cannot meet with vehicle growth, by 2015, Jakarta will be stuck. People cant move at all!!!

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Earth Day 2008

The Earth Movie is BBC presentation.  Its a big screen version of “Planet Earth Series”.  Please read at the Earth Movie synopsys:

The Journey of a Lifetime

Five billion years ago an asteroid crashed into the Earth.  The impact tilted the planet at an angle of 23 ½ degrees.  This cosmic accident created the world we know today.

Using the Sun as a guide, we set out on an epic global journey.  In the Arctic, a polar bear family wakes to the first sunlight of spring.  Will they find food before the ice melts?

Half a world away, an elephant and her calf share precious water with a pride of lions.  Will their uneasy truce last?

For the final leg of the journey, we follow a humpback whale mother.  She must keep her calf safe on their 6000 km migration to Antarctica.

This breath-taking story is narrated by Patrict Stewart and filmed with high definition cameras to create an unforgettable journey through the changing seasons and daily struggle for life across our planet, from rarely seen stunning landscapes to the smallest details in the lives of our best loved, wildest and most elusive creatures.

“Five years in the making”, “200 locations”, “40 specialist crews”, “Groundbreaking technology”,” Never before seen footage”

By many viewers, Planet Earth series is an amazing movie.  In one of Oprah’s show, Planet Earth series is illustrated as the movie that inspire people to act to save their planet.

WWF-Indonesia, in its Earth Day celebration will preview the movie to audiences in Jakarta and vicinity at BlitzMegaplex theater.  This presentation is expected to get people to be more aware of earth and act as to their capability and reach to make a difference.

Lets make a different.  Its only one earth for us.  Lets save the living planet.

Happy Earth Day.

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In my quest of finding nice picture to be put on my greenstuff page, I came with this nice picture of Monika from Flickr.


Browing her flickr page amazed me very much. Such pronounce emotion interpreted in color and sharpness really amazing. Her idea of concept and angle is truly outstanding. I especially love her photo of a girl covered in rice. Please take a look.

That remind me of the recent case of acute diarrhea happened to a pregnant woman in Sulawesi. After weeks of lack of food, Basse (35) with 7 months pregnancy and her third child Bahir (5) dead because of hunger that lead to acute diarrhea. “Mati di lumbung pangan” or “Died in food storage” is Indonesian proverb to called such ironi. Read the rest of this entry »

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