“I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.”

by: Beryl Pfizer

The basic for me to write is to make me remember my thought. I have proved that channeling thoughts help you to become more positive. “Its a therapy”, one of my friend said. And I agree with her.

So, let see what i got for this blog of mine.



  1. #1 by athay on April 18, 2008 - 11:39 am

    Oh elo toh yg liat2 blog gw, somse amir kaga ngasi komen, kaga pernah maen kerumah lagi, kaga mo bantuin tesis gw hiks … molor 1 semester nih.

    Doelaaaaah blog nya pk bhs inggris lagi, kaga ngarti gw cuy huahahahaha

  2. #2 by dtrisnadi on April 18, 2008 - 6:21 pm

    huehehehe. I visited your page quite often. But i didn’t leave my footprint hoping that i can incognito. But seems that i blew up my cover. 😀

    Well come to my page, Ri.

    sorry bout your thesis. All my ideas seems already explored by you. So, how was it so far? doing any good?

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