I Vote for Earth


Proudly i am saying that I vote Earth during Earth Hour 2009.

Despite of my (and my family) custom to stay at home watch television, DVD, or play computer game with light turn on. I proudly saying to you guys that i shut off all those things and I VOTE EARTH together with unnecessary electronics and go with a restaurant with family, leaving only outer light on.

I proudly saying that I joined with around one billion people around the world to Vote for Earth in Earth Hour 2009. By simple action, turn “unnecessary electronic” for only one hour between 20.30-21.30. By that simple action alone, I choose to give Earth its change to breath a little better. Take part in reducing fossil fuel consumption that use for electric generator.

O, yes. The electricity we are using are mostly still depend on fossil fuel. And of course i am sure that u aware that fossil fuel consumption are the major carbon emission that contribute greatly to global warming. Turn off the unnecessary electronic, and you contribute to global campaign to reduce emission.

The Earth Hour itself could not be said to be act of reducing climate change. But by participate in the campaign, you are making statement, THAT YOU VOTE FOR EARTH!!! And the act afterwards are all the more important than the campaign it self, that is, you can contribute to help earth by doing simple thing.

You may think the simple act is hard, when you don’t realize that by that simple act YOU VOTE FOR EARTH. Turn off unnecessary electrics are just an example. You can find some more simple act in your daily life, TO VOTE FOR EARTH.

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