In every situation, i would like to say, honesty would be the best diplomacy.

Here i am, often caught in a problem where seems that the solution is none but honesty. Straight up ahead, face the person itself, tell the story, get yelled, and apologize. When this happen, there was no need to tell the whole story. Just apologize for the mess. No story, no excuse, no defense.

And that truly is difficult. When that people that you ask for apologize, teaching/preaching about your mistake, and act like they are holly person and never did mistake. And that really hurt my ego.

But then again, be honest, would still be the best solution i knew so far. Even if you have to eat your ego and hide the whole story and try so hard to not to reveal the truth. The truth should be swallow yourselves. Not to be told that “you were caught in that situations yourselves”. Now, how do that sounds like?

Revealing the truth. Well, that another whole different story. Today i just read a posting from a friend of mine. The story was about “how you should express yourselves honestly”.

The email was about how a problem would get bigger and often buried the respected person in a really deep shit! I must say that tell the person that you’ve got problem would always be the best. The person would get the picture of how they messed things up. And hopefully, can avoid to make the same mistakes.

But people are so varied. Some people would avoid conflicts and just keep it down on their sleeve. Some people would tell the person in a very nasty way of critics. And some people would just tell when the time is right, even would take years before it happens.

I always amaze to people who can deal with conflict in a good way. Conflict resolution. That’s the ability that would really nice to have. I think it require bravery, silk tongue, and good planning (anything else?).

But i must admit. Some words would just be kept and look and see if those could be said in the right time. In a good way (as far as possible).

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