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Mothers day 2008

This year mothers day would be the greatest of all.

My mom.  A lovely and caring lady that her patient to a rascal like me often amaze me.  She’s funny in a way a mother be a friend with her child.  Sometime we tease each other and make a laugh.  Lot of good laugh.  But never.  Never ever she has been this tricky.

She has made me open my eyes all night long last night.  Tired and sleepy, i was.   But something she did has brought me to that state.  Terribly sleepy but couldn’t close my eyes.  And she made funny of me in the middle of the night, knowing that i couldn’t sleep.  hehehehe.  Really master of trickery she was.

And today.  In my tired for have no sleep for a night, would like to greet her, Happy Mother’s Day.  May the best trick master be the triumph.  Hohohohohoho.


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