First Time with Small Aircraft

Well, well, well.  Just so happen that in September i got the chance to experience flight with small craft.  Above is the picture.

And it worry me to see these guys beside the small craft with FIRE EXTINGUISHER.  Yes, FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!!  I said: “What the hell?”

Never before, i saw people get ready with fire extinguisher beside airplane that ready to take off.  It was just so natural the first come across my mind is “is the airplane always having problem that need fire extinguisher that those guys are prepared  for just in case.”  Especially when tere was news about bad thing happened with airplane in the news.  And i believe you would alse feel the same like me (aren’t you? :D).

I was glad to have a save flight because…. well, you saw the tv series LOST?  Its a tv series telling about people in airplane that found themselves stuck to each other after their plane crash in unkown island with a very cool jungle with man-eater tribe around.  well, just you see this photograph i took while on air.

Now.  After seeing that picture, aren’t you worried?  I WAS!!!


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