Keep moving forward

Well, well.  Here i am again with my evil.

I have finished my term from one, yet i could say i am not satisfied.  And here i am after some storm almost get on my foot to met another evil.  This evil comes from my identification on the last term.

Hmm…. I said.  There are lots to be fixed.  I must dare to say that i have almost conquer one evil and more are coming.

One of my best friend would be gone to Europe for two  years.  And this has gave me another sensation of “when things must go on, you couldn’t just stay still.” 😛

It some kind of de javu.  This lonely feeling and the urge from my inside to step across on other wall.  It just the same feeling when i must move on from my comfort zone at college and go the the ruthless-hard-world, the society.  The working world.

It just the same sensation of uneasy feeling.  And eventually i learn that that feeling is feeling of scared.  Scared of loosing bonds i’ve made.  Bonds that i had to create my own comfort zone.  But when you feel the wall, when you felt you can’t breath, when you felt the whole world looking at you to keep moving forward, you can’t stay.  You should step outside of your small comfort zone to walk on another space.  To create another comfort zone and to fill in the other space with your self, with your experience and work of wonder.

Yet.  The bond you created shouldn’t you let go.  Keep the grip as you need it when you walk the next path.  to keep you now where you could hold onto.   To help you out and give encouragement.  To be the foundation of your next step.

This post is dedicated to my best friend.  Hope he could achieved the better and keep moving forward.  I sincerely congratulate him and wishes all the best and may Allah bless him always.  (amin….)



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