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Scream Out Loud

Let me just do the following to release my burden a little bit.


Thank you.

Its unfortunate of me for not finding the way to increase the above font into 72 or 100 points. 🙂  At a time like this, it would really cool to be able to do it in a valley, where you can hear your echo-scream. 

hihihi.  i imagine if there were birds there, they would be scared and flew all over the way.  Hm… from which will most birds flew?  From my scream or the echo?  Depend on the reach of the voice i think.

Today, i am afraid i had created/released another psycho in this very world.  And her first target was me.  Hohohohoho.  Let’s see whats she got for me.  😛

And today i have to do some works.  Which is very sucks.  Coz today is holiday!!!  DARN!! T_T


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What would you do when you have vision of the future?

I must say that i believe that some people are blessed with ability to look some signs on what happen in the future.  And it occur to me the above question.

If you have vision of the future, what would you do?

The vision is usually just some clips and sensation.  And sometimes you could feel that to get the event happened, some requirements needed. Its not clear and open for interpretation.  One experience would tell on what is the message from the unclear clips.

So, when thats happen, would you avoid on the bad event that would happen?  Or you just go and follow the path?

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Keep moving forward

Well, well.  Here i am again with my evil.

I have finished my term from one, yet i could say i am not satisfied.  And here i am after some storm almost get on my foot to met another evil.  This evil comes from my identification on the last term.

Hmm…. I said.  There are lots to be fixed.  I must dare to say that i have almost conquer one evil and more are coming.

One of my best friend would be gone to Europe for two  years.  And this has gave me another sensation of “when things must go on, you couldn’t just stay still.” 😛

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