Craving for History

I must say this very proudly.  As a junior officer, i was entrusted to deal with national workplan of my organization.  It is amazing since all sites are depend on my work.  hihihi.  It was felt good to hold such power.

However, it was really suck dealing with such responsibility, especially when the deadline approaching very fast (and we made it to meet the deadline, ehm, 1 weeks past the deadline).  I must say, it was really really really terrible two weeks.  And before long, i just lost on “what have i done in July?”  Honestly, i lost track on July.  Can’t remember anything but the workplan.

But hey, i still remember when i took my mom, lil sister and lil cousin to the cinema and watch Kungfu Panda.  Hahahahahaha.  Its a MUST SEE movie.  Really funny movie.  Just the right ingredient to release all of those stress with laugh.

And pleasure after pleasure, i ended up watching 3 more movies just in this month.  The Dark Night (the joker is really cool), Wanted (its a WOW movie.  I cant close my jaw seeing the action in the movie. ), and Hancock (what did i think when i decided to go watch this movie?  It a big no no movie, really).



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