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Social Working Group “Melati”

The Social Working Group “Melati” is a group of volunteers that focus on children.  They started as a mobile library that brought boxes of books from one kampong to others to let children have opportunity to read.  Yea.  Reading is such luxury for most people in Indonesia (can anyone provide statistic here?).  The high priced of books was one of the reason that supported by lack of buying ability from community.

Starting from that point, Melati has mission to reduce the gaps and give those children that opportunity.  After times, their work was then improved by providing a book corner for street and poor children in the southern part of Jakarta.  In this corner, volunteers were gather to provide children education and also give them opportunity to dream.  Yea.  If one should be a great man, the one should have dream for dreams gave people objective and urge to pursue.

In this what so called basecamp, they open the house each saturday and sunday and let children come: to read, to draw, to sing, to learn english and one in a time take children out to interesting places to let them see the different insight and stimulate them to thing, to dream and to wonder.

In this event, that called outing, volunteers were working tremendous effort to fundraising by selling self made items such as pins, t-shirt, sticker, mugs, decorative pencil, chocolate, and more.  With their “independent” philosophy, the out for providing the fund by themself and some small amount were expected from companies.

I just joined them for a couple of weeks and i can see how hard were they working.  In every opportunity, children were invited to events hold by many stakeholders.  For example that i found very interesting is the yesterday’s “Children Reading Centers Olympic” which in Bahasa is “Olimpiade Taman Bacaan Anak-anak = OTBA”

Unfortunate to say that i was unable to see by myself what is this OTBA due to i went for a survey for the outcoming Outing.  But from several times explanation from different people, this OTBA seems to be a packets of competition for children from many reading centers.  The Melati Reading Center have wont the first and second prize for painting.  Well done children.

So, for the next outing, the Melati has decided to brought the theme “Kembali Kampoeng” or back to the village.  The purpose is to take children see the life in villages that different than the environment the life in.  We are hoping that they could appreciate more on environment and hopefully they would be some adoption of the way of life in the village they visit.

So, if you happen to met with volunteers from Melati and offer you some merchandise, do not hesitate to take 5 or 7 items and donate some money for the children.  😀


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Craving for History

I must say this very proudly.  As a junior officer, i was entrusted to deal with national workplan of my organization.  It is amazing since all sites are depend on my work.  hihihi.  It was felt good to hold such power.

However, it was really suck dealing with such responsibility, especially when the deadline approaching very fast (and we made it to meet the deadline, ehm, 1 weeks past the deadline).  I must say, it was really really really terrible two weeks.  And before long, i just lost on “what have i done in July?”  Honestly, i lost track on July.  Can’t remember anything but the workplan.

But hey, i still remember when i took my mom, lil sister and lil cousin to the cinema and watch Kungfu Panda.  Hahahahahaha.  Its a MUST SEE movie.  Really funny movie.  Just the right ingredient to release all of those stress with laugh.

And pleasure after pleasure, i ended up watching 3 more movies just in this month.  The Dark Night (the joker is really cool), Wanted (its a WOW movie.  I cant close my jaw seeing the action in the movie. ), and Hancock (what did i think when i decided to go watch this movie?  It a big no no movie, really).


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First post in July 2008

Hello there again world!

Here i am again.  Putting something to this gigantically hectic cyber world.  Wondering how long this writing be recorded in cyber world.  Paper could survive up to hundreds of years.  Writing in paper could survive thousands of years.  How long could virtual writing could survive?  A seconds perhaps?  But how bout the server?  Could there be still cunks of everybodys writing there?  Even tough it is deleted.

For those times when i couldn’t write in this particular blog, many surely had happened.

I found spiritual lack of me that needed to be fixed.  Well, if it is a software, it should called major fixed of alpha version.  Yup.  It is still alpha and it evolving.  Hope it was for better 🙂

Actually it was some kind of reminder on what to fix.  Only in other way of it.  Just cool.

And you know what, it was affirmative again that speaking of your problem could help.  And you just need to find the right person to push that button to improve and move forward.  Can’t wait to write more on what i found in the next posts.


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