Again, about gasoline price hike

By the time i wrote this entry, global oil price has hiked into USD140.  The impact to people in Indonesia is reflected by the government decision to raise oil price on 30 April 2008.  Not a popular policy, for certain.

We are living on oil and gas.  Yes.  Thats true.  Our daily basis is running on oil.  Every sector and segment of people live has been very depended on oil.  Thus, oil has became crucial commodity, if not to say “live or die” commodity.  No wonder if certain country invade other country for oil (thats by hiding behind a false reasoning).

In a newpaper i read, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, said that the oil price hike was caused by speculan that toying with oil.  And those who did that really are a pain in the ass, i say.  Come on.  Just for your wealth you must caused millions of people to suffer.  MILLIONS!!!!  If this is really true, those speculants are responsible for death of those people who could not survive.

Realising how poor people suffer, King Abdullah announce its country commitment to help poor people who suffer from oil price hike by providing around USD130millions.  Very generous.  But the source of oil price hike should be found, still.

Well.  In my side, i use motorcycle to go anywhere.  Its cheaper that have to go by public transport.  The economic calculation is, by todays rate, if i use my motorbike, i need to spend around USD3-4 for 2 days.  and with the same amount of money, it only for 1 day.  So, i choose to use my motorbike.

Realizing that i have contribute to carbon emission, i put my self to commit to use high octan oil.  When public transport use the 88 octans (named: premium), i used 92 octans (named: pertamax.  For this, i have to pay more.  😦  On my previous post the price was IDR8500.  Well after that post, the price hiked into IDR9850, and per 15 June 2008, it rised again into IDR10,000.  Hihihi.  This is where funny thing is.

You know that the oil pump station has several unit of pump.  On each of this unit, you could see pannels of number of litters, number of price, and keyboard to input the requested amount of gasoline.  Well, i just found that the digit for number of price is only 4 digits.  And since the IDR10,000 is five digits, what did they do?  hehehe.  They put another zero on paper and stick it on the price display.  Look here:


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