A Fall of a Friend

I’m writing this post with tear….

I am witnessing a fall of a friend.

Meeting could bring you to somewhere else, from that point of that meeting.

I was so surprise of what happen to a friend of mine.  Met with someone has made life so much changed.  Go to college with funding from this person.  And then, woosh.  Gone.  Out of contact.

The last time i saw this friend of mine was in a Mall when i took Shalat Maghrib.  I can see that something changed.  And its not something what i called, improvement.  It so much less than when i knew this friend.  And i was sad.

—–to be completed

  1. #1 by mia zuhara on June 25, 2008 - 9:29 am

    goodfriends. they’re amazing thing i ever had!

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