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Again, about gasoline price hike

By the time i wrote this entry, global oil price has hiked into USD140.  The impact to people in Indonesia is reflected by the government decision to raise oil price on 30 April 2008.  Not a popular policy, for certain.

We are living on oil and gas.  Yes.  Thats true.  Our daily basis is running on oil.  Every sector and segment of people live has been very depended on oil.  Thus, oil has became crucial commodity, if not to say “live or die” commodity.  No wonder if certain country invade other country for oil (thats by hiding behind a false reasoning).

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A Fall of a Friend

I’m writing this post with tear….

I am witnessing a fall of a friend.

Meeting could bring you to somewhere else, from that point of that meeting.

I was so surprise of what happen to a friend of mine.  Met with someone has made life so much changed.  Go to college with funding from this person.  And then, woosh.  Gone.  Out of contact.

The last time i saw this friend of mine was in a Mall when i took Shalat Maghrib.  I can see that something changed.  And its not something what i called, improvement.  It so much less than when i knew this friend.  And i was sad.

—–to be completed

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Family Matters

I came from a huge family.

Well, thats was the word i use to describe how big is my big family.  My mother came from 14 brothers and sisters.  She was the 12th child.  And my father, well, he was from 10 brothers and sisters.

When it came to have a family meeting, usually during Idul Fitri, everyone would come, thats to include my cousins, nephew, my niece.  Well, how should i say it.  I thing if we would made a real estate, all could be filled with only my family.  Thats what i called HUGE.

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RayEyez 2008

Hallo there Anden.

Well, today is your birthday.  Well, actually i would like to give you something when we met, but, i thing it would have to wait for a little while. 😛

Happy birthday.  Is it your 25 now?  hehehe.  I wish for your life to be fully blessed by Allah SWT.  Blessed with great family, brother, sister, best friends, friends, colleague.  And the last wish is that you have a great birthday.

Happy birthday!!!


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Google Reader

Google Reader is to some extend, is my smart secretary. She brought me news and information from website that i determined her to watch.

If information is really something your life depend on, you got to use this tools!

Google reader could be said as sneak preview provider of the latest information on certain website. If you usually open several websites everyday to fast reading looking for information that might important to your interest. Well, let me ask you this question, is that method satisfy you? Is the information you got worth enough with the site-browsing time you spent? What if i told you that for only fast reading you could just open ONE WEBSITE? FOR FREE!!! and that is Google Reader.

It is easy. Go to Define the websites you need the update (or blogs!!!). Put them in categories, and voila! She workfor you to present to you the latest news of the website you define!!! GREAT INVENTION! BRAVO GOOGLE TEAM!!!

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What is problem?

to be completed

It is funny to see how different people react onto a same problem happened to other people.

For all our life, we could not escape from problem. What is problem anyway? Its some challenge revealed on your way to be managed and handled. Some would be hard and some would be light (for i don’t dare to call it easy).

When problem reveal itself upon you, you have no choice but to [mourn for it] or [get over it].

Some would be able to handle it right away, but some would be distracted and seeking for help. The way people seek for help is also something interesting to observe. Some would tell their story in someway that it is sympathetic, some just cry it out loud and some just scream out loud in heart hoping that someone would reach out and help out.

Well, it doesn’t matter which is it. I just hope that everyone would have someone to hear their problem and watch over you until its over.