My Old Elementary School

I was having my elementary school at SDN Cilandak Timur 04 Petang.

SDN = state managed elementary school

Cilandak Timur = the name of the sub district where the school located

04 = the number of the school. i don’t now whether the number is for the sub district, district or the province. I just don’t get it

Petang = means afternoon. the school building has actually two schools. the 03 and 04. the 03 runs in the morning and the 04 in the afternoon

This is the school’s gate. It has been years since i visit the school. I thing it has been 12 years since i last visit it. It sure has changed A LOT!!! The gate was once so simple with only wooden gate. It is now nice iron and concrete.

This part of the building was new building when i was enroll in this school. I only spent several months in this new building.

The building on the middle was old building. The first year student was started in the left and move right when the upgrade.

And here, the right wing, was the administration office and there is also the school principal office. and library. Me and my gym teacher usually sit here and made a drawing. He was a great painter. He once drew a masjid not far from the school with its high tower and rooftops. It was a really awesome picture. Students who saw his draw were trying to get it, but no one success. I heard he was merried to a colleague-teacher in my school just a few years after i graduated. I wonder what happen with him and other student. Hope everyone just ok and having a great life.

I also wish to meet my school mate. I bet everyone has already bare a children or two.

Have a great life everyone. Hope we can meet again sometime.



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