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Why do I Love April?

Why do I love April?

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Armi’s Wedding 27[04]2008

Selly Armi Perangin-angin was merried Samsir Afiat Hutasoit at 27 April 2008.  Armi was my friend during High School and later on she also enrolled at Bogor Agricultural University. I was with Forestry Faculty and she was at Agricultural Faculty. And we sometime met in the train. I was commute and going trough 2 hours trip to Bogor and return home in approximately the same time cost. She was smarter than me, she join dormitory.

Here area some pictures of Armi and later on i will explain how the wedding in progress. The wedding itself is based on islamic law.

In this picture, there is “penghulu” who guide the wedding, the groom, the bride’s guardian (parent or other close relative, and “mahar” or the brideprice. This for is the minimum requirement for a couple to be merried under Islam

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My Old Elementary School

I was having my elementary school at SDN Cilandak Timur 04 Petang.

SDN = state managed elementary school

Cilandak Timur = the name of the sub district where the school located

04 = the number of the school. i don’t now whether the number is for the sub district, district or the province. I just don’t get it

Petang = means afternoon. the school building has actually two schools. the 03 and 04. the 03 runs in the morning and the 04 in the afternoon

This is the school’s gate. It has been years since i visit the school. I thing it has been 12 years since i last visit it. It sure has changed A LOT!!! The gate was once so simple with only wooden gate. It is now nice iron and concrete.

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First Time with Economic Train with AC

It was started with a chat with Mbak Ari. She told me that she is now going to office and return home by using Economic Train with Air Conditioner. What is this train actually?

Well, Economic train in Jabodetabek (read: Jakarta and vicinity) are a nightmare for commuter. It is true. People who reside at Jakarta vicinity and work in Jakarta is around 3-4 millions people. And the Jakarta resident itself is around 8-9 millions. so, it was a crazy morning when those millions coming to Jakarta for work.

The most visible is the traffic. It took about 1 -1.45 hours to go 40 km. The traffic jam has caused average speed in town restricted to only around 12 km/hour. It’s no wonder with limited road, the vehicle growth around 600 vehicles every week. Crazy statistic, i must say. It is predicted that if the road construction cannot meet with vehicle growth, by 2015, Jakarta will be stuck. People cant move at all!!!

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Earth Day 2008

The Earth Movie is BBC presentation.  Its a big screen version of “Planet Earth Series”.  Please read at the Earth Movie synopsys:

The Journey of a Lifetime

Five billion years ago an asteroid crashed into the Earth.  The impact tilted the planet at an angle of 23 ½ degrees.  This cosmic accident created the world we know today.

Using the Sun as a guide, we set out on an epic global journey.  In the Arctic, a polar bear family wakes to the first sunlight of spring.  Will they find food before the ice melts?

Half a world away, an elephant and her calf share precious water with a pride of lions.  Will their uneasy truce last?

For the final leg of the journey, we follow a humpback whale mother.  She must keep her calf safe on their 6000 km migration to Antarctica.

This breath-taking story is narrated by Patrict Stewart and filmed with high definition cameras to create an unforgettable journey through the changing seasons and daily struggle for life across our planet, from rarely seen stunning landscapes to the smallest details in the lives of our best loved, wildest and most elusive creatures.

“Five years in the making”, “200 locations”, “40 specialist crews”, “Groundbreaking technology”,” Never before seen footage”

By many viewers, Planet Earth series is an amazing movie.  In one of Oprah’s show, Planet Earth series is illustrated as the movie that inspire people to act to save their planet.

WWF-Indonesia, in its Earth Day celebration will preview the movie to audiences in Jakarta and vicinity at BlitzMegaplex theater.  This presentation is expected to get people to be more aware of earth and act as to their capability and reach to make a difference.

Lets make a different.  Its only one earth for us.  Lets save the living planet.

Happy Earth Day.

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Don’t get sick

What is the fun of being sick?

Well, you can skip work. Enjoy television. Well, may be your DVDs.

What about a long week sick? What is the fun? I can say, its horrible. I spent 3 days to just stay in bed and sweat. Well, i lied, it was 4 days. And spent the rest three days coughing like crazy. EVEN WHEN IT TIME TO CLOSE MY EYES TO SLEEP! I STILL COUGHING LIKE CRAZY!!! This is tough, i told you.

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Advertisement Expo: Rumah Iklan

Advertisement is art of illusion. Media to communicate with community and try to convince them that the information in the add is true and beneficial for them. The message is clear: YOU NEED THIS!!! ITS BETTER THAN OTHER.

In the long period since advertisement came to Indonesia, there are record of some that top of the top. At 8 April 2008, there was Advertisement expo, or what they said as “Indonesia Advertisement Museum” held in Grand Melia Building, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia. The expo was also the launching of Rumah Iklan (House of Advertisement), a book of compilation of experience of Matari Advertisement lead by Ken T Sudarto that already key player in advertisement in Indonesia since 37 years ago.

Here are several photos i took in the one-day museum.

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Extinct Javan elephants may have been found

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: The Borneo pygmy elephant may not be native to Borneo after all. Instead, the population could be the last survivors of the Javan elephant race – accidentally saved from extinction by the Sultan of Sulu centuries ago, a new publication suggests.

The origins of the pygmy elephants, found in a range extending from the north-east of the island into the Heart of Borneo,  have long been shrouded in mystery. Their looks and behaviour differ from other Asian elephants and scientists have questioned why they never dispersed to other parts of the island.
But a new paper published today supports a long-held local  belief that the elephants were brought to Borneo centuries ago by the Sultan of Sulu, now in the Philippines, and later abandoned in the jungle.  The Sulu elephants, in turn, are thought to have originated in Java.

Javan elephants became extinct some time in the period after Europeans arrived in South-East Asia.  Elephants on Sulu, never considered native to the island, were hunted out in the 1800s. Read the rest of this entry »

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Slank vs Parliament

Its not the first time for Indonesia artist to have quarrel with parliament. As i could remember, Iwan Fals, one of Indonesian respected artist and once he was “Asia’s heroes” (Times Version), also get dispute with parliament for his songs.

This time, it was slank’s turn. The group has strong hardcore fans, results of their years commitment in music, good music and strong lyrics. Please take a look at the lyric that pissed of the parliament. I took the lyric from blognya kage Read the rest of this entry »


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Something Cool: Ubuntu

I can say i am not really into linux for good reason. I have no enough patient to learn again the “text command”. I have been “display oriented” guy, where working with programming is such luxurious thing due to quite life i run in.

And the second reason is, even tough Linux is the most stable system i’ve tried, but the display is still “not good enough”. Not as interesting as Windows or MacOs.

Well, thats before i found Ubuntu. From its official website, it promising free operating system with SUPER COOL display. And the best thing using linux is, hardly no virus. Even tough more and more unbelievably-unreasonable bunch of people creating virus for this liberation software. Linux is free and targeting to put windows down to the grave that Most people in the world will be freed from its tyrant. So, why people attacking linux? For good reason for their own, surely.

But anyway, despite of those cool stuffs (so far) i found. I am having difficulty to connect to internet with ubuntu. Looking for the answer still now.


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