Just Because of Meeting Snack

I step out of my desk to go for a coffee at second floor pantry.

My desk is at fifth, so the option is either elevator and the stair. I choose elevator since today i have been wandering between floors by using stair already too much (i think). So i thought elevator would be a nice idea.

Waiting for the elevator coming up, i spoke with Ochie, a colleague of mine, sitting just in front of the elevator. Just a chat or two talking about her work.

I step on the elevator after it came and go to the second floor. With me, i also bring some documents to be signed by my director at second floor.

Ding. And i step out from elevator. Going to my boss office, sneaking actually, to see whether he is in his room. But apparently he was not.

So i spoke to my colleague at second floor and another colleague came for a meeting in the second floor meeting room. When the meeting room door opened, i can see that they have plenty of snack and i just came in and pick one (this is common attitude in my office :D).

But seems that i was founded guilty and punished to be joining the meeting. I have no choice. For a snack, i have to joined the two hours meeting. Hiks.

But i made my contribution tough. So its worthed i think.


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