Oil Price


Photo taken from Reuters click photo to go to original site

Apparently oil price has gone price again. This morning i filled my motorcycle and found that the pertamax (98 octan gasoline of Pertamina) has rise from IDR7800 into IDR8500 (please find currency rate here).

The price is still below USD1 per liter. But for people who once live with oil price of IDF2500 (at the new regime era) the price looks ridiculous.

In Indonesia we have several kind of gasoline. Premium, Pertamax and Pertamax Plus. Premium has octan of 90, Pertamax of 92 and Pertamax Plus of 95. The price of Premium is (now) IDR5500, Pertamax is IDR 8500, and Pertamax Plus is IDR 8800. But as i already commit to reduce my emission, i insist on going with pertamax. Even tough i think i will reconsider my choice of transportation if its not economical anymore.

I found this article at reuters saying the oil price has bounce into USD106. *WHAT?* Now, thats the reason with gas price rise.

I could not bare to think of how many people in this country to be affected by this rise. It already scares me to see morning news always covering on people died of hunger. T_T

I talked with Mbak Ari this morning regarding this issue and she already this idea to have like neighborhood watch to care of those who in need. The similar model was actually already going in my family.

We have this box where anyone in the family can contribute their money into the box where when the box is already full (or the amount already sufficient) it will be distributed to orphan and also those who in need.

Since the condition is already scared. I should re-think our family method. I like what Mbak Ari think, expand the thought to get more people in the movement and more people can be helped.

Now, how do i start?


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  1. #1 by nancy on June 7, 2010 - 2:26 pm


    I would like to ask for permition to use the photo that on this page.
    I follow the link to Reuters already but the page appear to be missing.
    Thank you.


    • #2 by dtrisnadi on June 7, 2010 - 2:33 pm

      Hi Nancy,

      I don’t know how is the rule, but i think its ok as long you also put the source link. 😛

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