In my quest of finding nice picture to be put on my greenstuff page, I came with this nice picture of Monika from Flickr.


Browing her flickr page amazed me very much. Such pronounce emotion interpreted in color and sharpness really amazing. Her idea of concept and angle is truly outstanding. I especially love her photo of a girl covered in rice. Please take a look.

That remind me of the recent case of acute diarrhea happened to a pregnant woman in Sulawesi. After weeks of lack of food, Basse (35) with 7 months pregnancy and her third child Bahir (5) dead because of hunger that lead to acute diarrhea. “Mati di lumbung pangan” or “Died in food storage” is Indonesian proverb to called such ironi.

This country that rich with natural resources, blessed with fertile soil and numerous fresh water have not able to protect its citizen from hunger. The 1998 economic crisis seems to lead this country to a worsen state. The government has not yet found good formula to help this country to stand up again on the face.

Effort has been conducted to help this situation. One among other is KKS Melati or English it perhaps translated as Melati Voluntary Social Workgroup. The workgroup consists of concerned and energetic young people is very happy to help with various activities. Especially their work with children. Creating safe environment to children can help ensure this country’s prospective future.

In many sites, especially in urban area, young people gathered and do some changes for this country. They are not expecting assistant from other institution such as government or company, but they walk from their concern and just do what they can do. The assistant was then coming after some progress.

I remember an old couple that have been engaged with my family for a couple of years. They are establishing this “rumah singgah” in a village in Depok known to be village of beggar. Its called beggar village since majority of this village working by begging or doing street performance (guitar, singing, poems, drama) in all kind of public transportation. Train, bus, minibus, you named it and it was their place of work.

This couple is also poor but they very concern of children. They create 3 x 3 m room to be safe place for this children. They provide book and healthy food for children. Knowing about this, my brother and his friend help this couple with funding by distributing proposal to anyone that might concern. This safe house then improved with more book and bigger room.

Unfortunately, some people that feel unhappy with this, accused the couple to teach wrong faith to the children. Wrong faith mean that this couple tried to teach children wrong lesson of Islam and finally expelled this old couple from the village.

I was so sad hearing this news. We then help this couple to find a safe place and help them to have a new house.

It’s just ridiculous to see how people jealous of one achievement, especially when it come to money. I am still thinking of the couple and hoping that they are alright in wherever they are now.

Now I shed my tear. T_T


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