Saturday Rendezvouz — [03]2008

It has been along long time ago since i mingle out with friends. For the sake of having fun, in a matter of speak.

The plan was to buy something good for late-birthday gift for a friend, female friend. But it turn out the other way. She can’t go with Me and Langlang that made us changed the plan. We still go but asked someone else that we knew needing a pump of spirit, Resmol.

Actually it was kinda forcing him to go with us. Resmol was in his thesis writing and, in addition, he was not feeling really well. hehe. But having fun won’t be much fun if it’s only two. So, he was forced to come with us. (Sorry Mol ūüėÄ )

Anyway, here is some introduction.


“This is Reisky Maulana aka Resmol aka Momol ^_^;”


“And this is Langlang”

So, we are all single. What to do? Well, the place is Ekalokasari Plaza, Bogor and here were what we do:

Meeting point at Dunkin Donuts. Hot choco and a good reading. Just perfect to wait the other two coming. I am the first to came. And i read “Greg Iles: The Footprint of God”. Quite absurd novel, i must say. (I am thinking to make a review out of it. Somewhere else in this blog.)

After having a chat or two (and tons of more stuffs ^_^; ) we agree that we have three missions. Langlang need to find shoes, Resmol looking for a nice casual-formal suit, and i am looking for stereo headset for my mobile.

First Destination, the shoes shop.


“This is Langlang trying shoes he interested in. Nice shoes but over budget. :D”

And then we went to a boy’s toys shop. Hehehehe. It already my ritual to go to toys shop to have a visit to Gundam model. For those who don’t know what Gundam is, well, it is a really cool robot model. What fun with Gundam model is to assemble parts provided and create the real Gundam figure. The toy is just so much fun. I need to have one for myself. A pledge that i made years ago but the model is still over budget for me. *sigh*


“Langlang and doraemaon –> breaking =buying?”


resmol, looking at action figures

On our quest to find casual-formal jacket-suit for Resmol, Resmol finally find something (thank GOD!!! I’m hungry!!)


“Resmol, looking for casual-formal jacket”


“Resmol got someone for help”


“Got something nice and go to the fitting room –> he ended up buying nothing: tut of budget still ^_^: “

In common agreement, its no matter what you do and where. Having fun is anything you do with your friend, lively. Enjoy the good mood, and a nice talk. And, of cource, lots of smiles and laughs.

Have fun.


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