I Vote for Earth


Proudly i am saying that I vote Earth during Earth Hour 2009.

Despite of my (and my family) custom to stay at home watch television, DVD, or play computer game with light turn on. I proudly saying to you guys that i shut off all those things and I VOTE EARTH together with unnecessary electronics and go with a restaurant with family, leaving only outer light on.

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In every situation, i would like to say, honesty would be the best diplomacy.

Here i am, often caught in a problem where seems that the solution is none but honesty. Straight up ahead, face the person itself, tell the story, get yelled, and apologize. When this happen, there was no need to tell the whole story. Just apologize for the mess. No story, no excuse, no defense.

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About Advertisement

Plasma HDTV ….$999,99, Wii Consol …$249,99, WiiMote …$99,99
Watching your friend throw his WiiMote to his Plasma TV at mph 100 …Priceless

by Bayou

Got that quote from a friend of mine.  Pretty interesting to see how advertisement used to drive us into desired attitude by industries.  Buy, buy, buy, buy.  If not, you are not modern or sophisticated enough.

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Gasoline Price

Hohoho. In the last post about gasoline, i was complaining on “How expensive it was”. This morning i was smiling since the Pertamax price today was IDR 5,500. On my last post it was IDR 8,800. Thank God the global price was decline that i could enjoy buying gas this low.


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Its a fine day to start new year

I woke up this morning realizing that i was slept at common room. A room where my family used to gather and watch TV together. I slept in that room with my hand over my laptop. Seems that i fall asleep while working.

And it was freezing like pole!!! I have no blanket that made me shiver in that very morning.

I went to my office 06.15. A little late since usually i go to office at 6. And IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!

The traffic was like hell!!! Never been this crowded!!! In most junction i got caught in the middle of traffic jam worst than ever i had experienced. The stupid thing is NO ONE GAVE ANOTHER A WAY!!!! Which that attitude lead to a dead end and nobody was managed the traffic and made it less terrible.

I ended up arrived at my office 08.30. So far my record of being caught in the terrific. And just now my friend told me that today is the first day Jakarta government implement the new rule. “SCHOOL WAS STARTED 30 MINUTES EARLIEAR!!!!” Just great!

Guest that’s the reason for today’s horrible traffic. *SIGH*

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Mothers day 2008

This year mothers day would be the greatest of all.

My mom.  A lovely and caring lady that her patient to a rascal like me often amaze me.  She’s funny in a way a mother be a friend with her child.  Sometime we tease each other and make a laugh.  Lot of good laugh.  But never.  Never ever she has been this tricky.

She has made me open my eyes all night long last night.  Tired and sleepy, i was.   But something she did has brought me to that state.  Terribly sleepy but couldn’t close my eyes.  And she made funny of me in the middle of the night, knowing that i couldn’t sleep.  hehehehe.  Really master of trickery she was.

And today.  In my tired for have no sleep for a night, would like to greet her, Happy Mother’s Day.  May the best trick master be the triumph.  Hohohohohoho.

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Story of bound

Once, i have this discussion with friend of mine about bounding/attachement.

Human will attach himself with something in his surrounding.  to make a comfort zone.  To feel safety, comfortable, protected.  But when you are bounded, you should be careful, none would last forever.  Friend could be gone, separated by time and space.

Just recently, i spoke with one of Indonesian artist, Katon Bagaskar, he is.  He is so deep thought person, yet very positive.  Seems to me that he has gone along with thought and experiences that he come to this conclusion that everything is not long last forever, even friend.

Bound with something is good, but you should be ready to let go.  Friend are always there for you, but do not expect he/she would always available for you for he/she would also have another bound.  I see that this would applied to everything.

conclusion: bound yourself, for man could not live alone.  But be sincere, when things don’t get as you would wanted it to be.  Confused?  Well, i do thing this post need more wording. 😀



Outcome vs Output

It confuse me, often, the term outcome and output.  Whats the different between two?  Some people would simply said output is product and outcome is result.

It still confuse me, alright.  But thats until i stumble myself to this site created by Richard Gaunt in London and Glenn O’Neil in Geneva.  The website said:

Output is usually a poor measure for performance, as it represents the products or services produced. It is just like..

A press officer judges her performance by the number of press releases she writes
A training office judges his performance by the number of people that attends his training sessions

A press officer should judge her performance by how her press activities change the knowledge and attitudes of audiences
A training officer should judge his performance by how the people he trains uses what they have learnt

What is far more important are outcomes – the effects and changes that are a result of the outputs:

A press officer should judge her performance by how her press activities change the knowledge and attitudes of audiences
A training officer should judge his performance by how the people he trains uses what they have learnt

Thank you to Richard and Glend for your enlightment.  



Manado 200810

God was really in a good mood when He created Manado.  Beautiful landscape and scenic view.  And their girls. 😀 Read the rest of this entry »

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First Time with Small Aircraft

Well, well, well.  Just so happen that in September i got the chance to experience flight with small craft.  Above is the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

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